Capitalism is in crisis. It’s not the first time, but this time the labour movements are at a low ebb and countries that claimed to be en route to socialism no longer are. New ways to resist capitalism and to build socialist futures are still emerging. In the meantime, morbid symptoms proliferate. All of these deserve analysis and critique, but without throwing the baby out with the bathwater, the gains as well as the mistakes of past struggles must be learnt from. The working class, but also other heavily hit social strata and possible allies of the working class consisting of poor SMEs and poor farmers, young people and women as strata of the previous classes are all suffering from capitalism; the moment is acute; now more than ever we need the means to attack capitalism.

So, if you ask “which side are you on?" our position is clear, nevertheless, we have an additional debt to repay. We have studied at the expenses of society acquiring skills and knowledge. We must return this knowledge and in particular to those that are suffering most. This is the red thin line that will connect the publications in this site. You will find material that ranges from academic analysis to fairy tales and photos. You might also find data series that could be useful for further research. Finally, you will find work in progress that we consider is better to be out in the open than lying hidden in a drawer (or on a soon obsolete hard-drive). In other words, we are as open in the form of contribution as we are closed on the purpose. Whether the publications serve the role that we hope they will is for the readers and the history to decide.

Of course, in real life we are all built of contradictions and not all of us are divided into proponents of one or the other class, but at the end of the day we are both in and against capitalism. Hence, we often find material that is very useful despite being written by people that do not support the working class and the struggle against capitalism, and we will have no problem reproducing it here. The site’s editors take the responsibility to choose which is useful and which is not and look forward to hearing reader’s opinions on this and other matters!

Since the main contributors of this site reside in many countries, the site has inevitably an international character. We chose to mix languages rather than constructing a bi- or even tri-lingual site (to be honest, we don’t have the means to support such a complex site). Hence, you will read as much as you can and leave the Chinese for the Chinese. We will try to provide the title and a small abstract in more than one language and if there is high demand we may organize a full translation.

Finally, we want this site to attract a wide range of readers and contributors that share our aims. We encourage contributions that will deepen our knowledge of the current situation or will push forward our “common purpose”. We will review the material and will react accordingly.